About GoMobile Credit Card Machine Rentals

Our mission is to help organizations and entrepreneurs accept credit card payments for short term and seasonal sales.

Go Mobile Commerce was established in August 2008 when a local event, Tall Ships, came to Tacoma, Washington. They contacted us looking for a way to sell souvenirs on-board their ships and we quickly learned that pirates just like any mobile business; need a wireless payment solution for their short term sales. By accepting credit cards as a form of payment, the Tall Ships event was a success and sales dramatically increased because they accepted credit cards. As the sun set on Tall Ships, Go Mobile Commerce was established to re-rent the pirates' wireless credit card machines. Since our founding with the pirates, the machines have traveled from Maui to Presidential Inaugurations and hopefully they will be at your next event!

We are the first in the nation to provide a wireless rental solution for the short term, without having to have an established merchant services provider. Our inventory has grown ten-fold and as business increases, we never forget our roots. To give back and make this world a better place.

As of 2012, we have become one of the largest supplier online for credit card terminals being used for fund raisers and nonprofit organizations. It has been proven over and over that accepting credit cards for your donations can increase the amount and frequency donors give. We also have special pricing for nonprofit organizations.

We believe we are one of the largest supplier for fireworks stands and pumpkin patches across the USA, if you buy anything seasonal and pay by credit card, we predict a 90% chance that you will be experiencing a GoMobile Commerce Wireless Credit Card Machine Rental.

We love what we do and our staff is here to help. Even if you are still just shopping around and want to get a little advice or ask a few questions, please do not hesitate to call. Give us a call or drop us a note from our contact us page.

We look forward in sharing the latest world wide payment technologies with our new friends and in welcoming you and your business to the family of Go Mobile Commerce. We're anywhere business takes you.