Rent a Wireless Credit Card Machine for a Day!

With Go Mobile Commerce, it’s no problem. Now you can rent a wireless credit card machine for as little as one day or for as long as you need with no long term contracts. Your credit card machine will be delivered directly to your front door pre-programmed and ready to use.

If you need to accept credit cards for a temporary event or seasonal business, providing a professional image will always increase customer satisfaction and increase sales. Remember that Image and service needs to be consistent in every stage of the sales process. One way to avoid buyer's remorse is to use professional equipment. Renting a Wireless Credit Card Machine from GoMobile Commerce can help you portray a professional image and increase customer confidence at the point of sale.

We understand that buying a credit card machine and maintaining a merchant account can be expensive, especially when other priorities in your business demand attention. Equipment is expensive but there are other options. A wireless credit card machine rental is a good way to manage cash flow money upfront. A credit card machine can be rented for as little as one day or for an entire season.

Some benefits of renting a wireless credit card machine with are:
  • No internet connection required
Finally, you can accept credit cards anywhere. In todays on the go environment, our self-contained machines offer the best value. An effort to please customers is reflected in the small details and a self-contained Wireless Credit Card Machine allows you to take your transactions to the customers. They love it when their credit card never has to leave their site and you will never have to wrestle with cords or look for a wiFi Signal.
  • Your name printed on the receipts
Personalization is key to customer confidence. Your branding is enhanced when printed on receipts. Value is added for the visual part of a brand in details such as when your business or event name is printed on receipts and on your buyer’s credit card statements. It will lower the chance of chargebacks after the sale and raise customer confidence during the sale.
  • More professional than using your smartphone or iPhone
Although mobile technology has reached new heights, professionalism should be higher on the value hierarchy. To look professional and maintain customer confidence, you should never accept cards with your personal mobile device. To gain trust and credibility and avoid buyer's remorse, professional looking equipment is of the utmost importance. Your customers don’t want you swiping their credit card through your cell phone and then trusting that you will email them a receipt later.
  • Secure transactions mean customer peace of mind
Making the customer feel at ease is your duty. Value is added when you can assure customer safety and back that up with competent and professional looking equipment. We will help your transactions look professional and safe. Trust us! You will see a difference in how easily your customers hand over their credit card when you use our professional credit card equipment.
  • Credit Card Transactions Any time any place
Business everywhere, is the new mantra. Digital and wireless technologies are taking the world by storm. Transactions anytime anywhere will bring you more business. Acquire and process financial details when away from the office and close sales on location. Mobility is your only safe bet in an ever changing environment. You will be able to make sales wherever business takes you 24/7.
  • No WiFi? No problem! All wireless credit card machines are self-contained
When renting a service or product, extra costs always ruin the party. Our on the go professional credit card terminals come ready to use with all needed services built into the price. No searching for a WiFi connection because our machines run on their own proprietary secure network. All you have to worry about is making the sale.
  • Funds deposited directly into your bank account
Our systems work in real time. That means each transaction and funds are committed and approved live. No more end of the day surprises when you find out someone’s credit card declined or check bounced. At the end of the day, your credit card terminal can be programmed to batch out and send funds directly to your bank account. That is a huge benefit which allows your operations to flow seamlessly.
  • Customized to your needs
Every business or fundraiser is unique. A GoMobile Commerce wireless credit card machine rental can be customized to fit your individual needs.

Get a free, no obligation price quote today by either completing an online quote request or by calling GoMobile at: 1.855.202.7738